It’s peculiar how long we’ll allow ourselves to be miserable before making changes. Some of us (likely most) will do it for our entire lives. Others maybe for a few years. I recently saw a status update on Facebook from my cousin that asked: Is it harder to let go of the one you love, or be with someone you hate?

Quite a few people responded in the comments. Most of the responses stated that it was harder to be with someone you hated than give up the one you love. I beg to differ. I commented saying that I thought it was tougher to give up someone you loved (Of course, there are exceptions to this.)

We have no problem being miserable. We always have a reason for sticking with something. We always have a way of talking ourselves into things. With relationships especially… Even if we hate someone, we may still care about them. No one wants to hurt someone you care about. Leaving them hurts. We avoid taking big leaps. Giving up the one you love is tough. It’s hard enough to give up things that make your life miserable, but giving up good things? Forget it. That’s nearly impossible.

I’m not saying any of this just for lip service. I think it’s an important point to drive home. Once we realize that we stick with things just for the sake if sticking with them, we can learn to trim the fat, and get rid of the bad energy in our lives.

So, I challenge you to get rid of your misery. Today. Start today.