Google Instant Isn't Amazing

Yes, I am riding the PR wave for blog hits. So what.

Really, all I wanted to say is that google instant isn’t amazing. It’s not some crazy new pice of engineering that only the geniuses of google could come up with. For that matter, it’s not even something that takes a genius to come up with at all. It’s just simple ajax.

Google is still using the same backend search system they’ve been using. They’ve just added a teeny tiny bit of javascript that re-runs the search for you every time you type a new letter into the search field.

I’m not bashing it, it’s cool. It’s a nice feature in my opinion. I’m just lashing back at all the people who tout it as something amazing, or something difficult to engineer. It simply isn’t. It’s simply, simple. Also, they’re not the first. I knew of doing it almost two years ago. WAY before google or bing were thinking about any of this.

Even then, it was simply cool, and nice to have. Not amazing, or an incredible feat of engineering.