Stop Being Silly

This is just a rant. Basically, I’m tired of stupid phrases people use to critique other people’s code. Let’s get a few things straight…

There are very few “bad” developers. There are many inexperienced ones. The biggest problem by far is the delusion some of these people have that they’re in fact “great” developers. With this delusion comes arrogance, and the idea that they feel like they can boss others around, give them advice on how to improve their code, etc.

Stop it. Stop telling me if something I wrote isn’t “Pythonic”

Good code is good code, no matter what language it is written in. There are best practices one should follow for accomplishing certain tasks. Furthermore, most programmers make decisions on how to implement a feature based on the bigger picture. When you’re just looking at a module / function / class, and you’re wondering “Why did this idiot do this!?” – Take a step back. They probably had a good reason. If not, we all do stupid stuff, so let’s cut the holier than thou bullshit.

Be less critical, worry about improving yourself, and learn a ton of languages. It will make you a better programmer. Additionally, stop using stupid fucking monikers to refer to yourselves… “Pythonista”, “Rubyist”, etc… These are really just synonyms for “Not willing to expand my horizons.”

Keep learning, and keep striving to be the best “Programmer” you can be. This industry is constantly changing… You can’t last forever on a single language, or framework. If you’re not willing to keep up, and continue learning forever, pick a different profession.